Santa Barbara's longest running art show!
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Show and Application Information

Thank you for inquiring about becoming a vendor at the famous 4th of July Art Show at The Old Mission in Santa Barbara.  The info below is for new vendors or past vendors who were not in the 2018 show. 

The show is a 1 day show (set up can begin the night before at 6:30 – booths, tables and canopy only NO merchandise) and the set up on the day of the show starts at sunrise and the show opens at 10am. Show closes at 4pm, please do not close before 4pm. You have until 6pm to breakdown and remove items. 


We are no longer accepting applications for jewelers. Sorry for the inconvenience. You may submit photos and your bio, we will have a wait list. Follow the instructions below under “Application”.

Artist Info:

Your art should be comprised of 80-90% artist made. There should be no purchased products sold at this show. Assemblage art needs to show that most of the creative aspect of your art is done by you. 


For new vendors, please email us 4 to 5 quality photos and a one paragraph bio along with your legal name, company name, mailing address, phone number and email contact to: The 4th of July Show is a juried show. Upon the decision to admit, you will receive an email with a link to make payment for your booth. We send out the admission emails once per week. Your application email MUST include all of the information above to be considered. If information is missing your application will not be reviewed. 

Booth Info:

Booth spaces for new vendors are 220.00 per space. Spaces are 10 x 10 and are all corner spaces. In some instances, booths on the perimeter of the grass will be larger than 10 x 10. If you need larger than 10 x 10 we suggest you ask us to put you on the perimeter. We do not charge extra for perimeter spaces but we do not guarantee the actual size, they are just bigger than 10 x 10. 


Parking is a very sensitive issue and MUST be adhered to by 100% of the artists. You have a 20-minute unloading zone around the perimeter of the grass which is enforced by our parking staff. At 10 am ALL vehicles should be removed from the perimeter and parked in the back of the Mission parking lot. DO NOT PARK IN THE MISSION PARKING LOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. If you are not parked in the dirt lot in the back of the Mission parking lot, you are in the wrong place. Failure to do so will result in revocation of invitation to the show. This is a major sticking point for the Mission staff. The last two years, folks did not heed the rules and the Mission can revoke our lease for this reason. Please don’t be the person(s) who cause the show to be cancelled. Thank you.

Food & Drink:

As the producers of this highly successful show, we feel it is imperative to offer guests the opportunity to eat and drink, so they don’t leave the show for lunch, drinks etc. We have a gourmet hot dog vendor, a coffee cart and a shave ice. All three set up at the entrance of the Mission and remain in place all day. 

Art Show Booth Displays:

Please take every opportunity to make this your showcase. This year we will have professional photographers, a videographer and drone photography. This will become our advertising media for next year. So, keep it looking amazing!

Photos and Advertising:

Alchemy Productions will provide, at your request, post cards to promote the event. The post cards will be available at a downtown location to be announced shortly. 

If you would like to have your art included in our social media and print ad media, you must submit professional quality photos with your company watermark. You can opt out of the watermark but we do not promote you individually. 

By submitting your email application, you agree to the terms above. For those admitted, once the show gets closer you will receive a “Welcome Packet” with more information. All correspondence is done via email . We make every effort to answer your questions within 24-48 hours.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you! 


Susan and Jennifer

Alchemy Production Company

If you would like to volunteer please contact Susan at 949-233-2488.